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This is How Professor Snape Would Describe You, Based mostly On Your Myers-Briggs® Persona Kind

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Have you ever ever questioned what a sure velvety-voiced Hogwarts professor would consider you? Nicely, surprise not! My daughter and I have been taking part in round with AI to see the way it labored, and I requested it to explain the 16 Myers-Briggs® character sorts from the attitude of Professor Snape from Harry Potter. The end result was…attention-grabbing! Brace your self for the outcomes!

Unsure what your character sort is? What a disgrace. Take our personality questionnaire here. Or you’ll be able to take the official Myers-Briggs Kind Indicator (MBTI®) here.


INTJ wizard

Ah, the INTJs. How pleasant. Identical to me, they’re the masterminds, the strategists — all the time with a plan. They’re those with their heads in a e book, or maybe masterfully concocting some new potion. They consider they’re misunderstood, particular even. Nicely, they’re not. Don’t get me incorrect, their incessant want for precision and perception may be… effectively, endearing. But their incessant knack for stating others’ logical inaccuracies may be as charming as a Blast-Ended Skrewt at breakfast. Really, they’d do effectively to keep in mind that whereas information is an simple energy, social ability isn’t beneath consideration, both.


INFJ wizard

Oh, how INFJs love their solitude and “depth. Their incessant longing for significant relationships is heart-wrenching, nearly as a lot as Dobby’s love for socks. They’re usually discovered misplaced in their very own world, an echo of my very own tendency to dwell within the solitude of the dungeons. They’re idealistic, to a fault, usually measuring the world and the individuals in it towards their unachievable requirements. Their empathy is sort of a muffliato allure; it blocks out all cause and logic, permitting them to drown in a sea of different individuals’s feelings. They’ve a penchant for dreaming large, fairly like Harry Potter’s delusions of grandeur. However let’s not overlook, simply as Potter isn’t the Boy Who Lived with out the scar, an INFJ isn’t an precise INFJ with out their goals and aspirations, irrespective of how fanciful they could be.


INTP wizard

Ah, the INTPs, or as I wish to name them, ‘The Hermiones who By no means Left the Library.’ They’re these eccentric people with their noses all the time buried in a e book, their minds misplaced within the clouds of their wild theories. However don’t be fooled, for his or her theories are as complicated and complex as Arithmancy. Their insatiable thirst for information rivals even that of a Ravenclaw and their logic, chilly and calculating, is paying homage to the icy depths of the Black Lake. However alas, their social expertise are as missing as Neville Longbottom’s potion-making skills. They’d fairly debate the rules of transfiguration than get to their courses on time. Charming, isn’t it? However keep in mind, simply as Granger wouldn’t be the brightest witch of her age with out her relentless curiosity, an INTP wouldn’t be an INTP with out their relentless pursuit of information, irrespective of how frustratingly pedantic they could be.


INFP wizard

Ah, the INFPs, these flighty daydreamers. Continually in the hunt for their very own Nargles, these dreamy idealists flutter round like confunded Cornish pixies. It’s all about conviction, emotions, and individuality with these ones. With their heads within the clouds and hearts on their sleeves, they may defenselessly wander into the Forbidden Forest of feelings. They’re as unpredictable as a blast-ended skrewt, one second brooding in their very own world, the following passionately combating for a trigger that in all probability solely exists of their thoughts. Their endless optimism rivals even Dumbledore’s religion in Potter. Identical to Lovegood wouldn’t be Lovegood with out her Spectrespecs and oddities, an INFP wouldn’t be an INFP with out their relentless pursuit of idealism, irrespective of how unrealistic or impractical it could appear.


ENTJ wizard

Ah, the ENTJs, or ‘The Voldemort Look-Alikes’ Their love for construction, group, and, let’s not overlook, energy, is as sickeningly candy as a cauldron stuffed with treacle tart. They’re identified for his or her effectivity, executing duties with the precision of a well-aimed Avada Kedavra. Their assertiveness may rival that of the Darkish Lord himself, usually bulldozing their opinions onto others, very like Umbridge and her beloved Instructional Decrees. They’ve a knack for management, however their thought of crew play is very like a recreation of Quidditch the place they’re the beater and everybody else is a bludger. Their full disregard for private emotions of their pursuit of goal effectivity is as off-putting as Gilderoy Lockhart’s self-obsession. However keep in mind, similar to the Darkish Lord wouldn’t be who he’s with out his ruthless pursuit of energy, an ENTJ wouldn’t be an ENTJ with out their relentless pursuit of their objectives, irrespective of how domineering they could appear.


ENFJ wizard

Ah, the ENFJs, also called ‘The Albus Dumbledores of the Muggle world.’ Their incessant have to encourage others may be as exhausting as a Dementor’s kiss. Even worse, they’re additionally those organizing each social occasion, very like Dumbledore and his ceaseless faculty feasts and ceremonies. I don’t need to be there, when will they be taught?

The ENFJ’s capacity to empathize with others can rival that of a talented Legilimens, all the time understanding what you’re feeling earlier than you do. Some individuals like that, weak as they’re. For the remainder of us, it’s as unnerving as a face-to-face encounter with a Boggart. And their idealism and optimism can usually surpass even probably the most potent Felix Felicis. However keep in mind, simply as Dumbledore wouldn’t be the highly effective and beloved headmaster with out his fixed religion in his college students, an ENFJ wouldn’t be an ENFJ with out their relentless pursuit of concord and private progress, irrespective of how sickeningly enthusiastic they could seem.


ENFP wizard

Ah, the ENFPs, or as they’re farcically identified, the ‘Nymphadora Tonkses of the Muggle World.’ Ceaselessly altering their minds very like Tonks together with her metamorphic hair – one second it’s all sunshine, rainbows, and unicorn goals, the following it’s gloomier than the Forbidden Forest on a moonless evening. They’re those who’d overlook the place they’ve stored their wand after which discover it in probably the most ludicrous locations – like inside a jar of dragon liver. Their seemingly countless power may be as exhausting as one among Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures courses, all the time on the go as if chased by a ravenous pack of Acromantulas. Their creativity and zest for all times may rival Tonks’s expertise for transformation. Nonetheless, their lack of consideration to element may be as disconcerting as a Dementor’s kiss. However keep in mind, simply as Tonks wouldn’t be the vivacious Auror with out her distinctive individuality, an ENFP wouldn’t be an ENFP with out their free-spirited and open-minded nature, irrespective of how infuriatingly capricious they could seem.


ENTP wizard

Ah, the ENTPs, the ‘Fred and George Weasleys of the Muggle World.’ Ever the provocateurs, their minds as explosively unpredictable as a Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes Skiving Snackbox. They’re those who will brew probably the most uncommon potions, not as a result of the curriculum calls for it, however just because they will — the extra risky, the higher. Their love for debate and mental problem is as unbearable as a swarm of buzzing Cornish Pixies, usually arguing for the sheer thrill of it, very like the best way the Weasley twins savor each alternative to ruffle my feathers. Their modern concepts, whereas admirable, may be as unsettling as a Dementor’s presence, disrupting the established order and sending everybody right into a tizzy. Nonetheless, their reluctance to comply with via on their grand plans may be as exasperating as a defective wand backfiring spells. However keep in mind, simply because the Weasley twins wouldn’t be the infamous pranksters with out their love for chaos, an ENTP wouldn’t be an ENTP with out their insatiable curiosity and ingenious spirit, irrespective of how disturbingly anarchic they could appear.


ISTP wizard

Ah, the ISTPs, or as I desire to name them, ‘The Invoice Weasley’s of the Muggle World.’ All the time tinkering, all the time meddling, all the time pulling aside the parts of life simply to see the way it ticks after which, with a shrug, merely letting the bits fall the place they could. They’re those you’ll discover experimenting in potions class, including an additional beetle eye or boomslang pores and skin only for that thrilling unknown. They thrive within the current second, reacting to life’s surprises with the dexterity of a Star Seeker on a Firebolt. Their practicality is as tangible as stable earth, and their capacity to remain calm in disaster rivals mine within the face of Potter’s incessant blunders. That being stated, their lack of planning and occasional disregard for guidelines may be as hair-raising as a midnight stroll with a werewolf. However keep in mind, simply because the Weasley twins wouldn’t be the legendary pranksters with out their spontaneous creativity, an ISTP wouldn’t be an ISTP with out their explorative curiosity, irrespective of how chaotic it could seem.


ESTP wizard

Ah, the ESTPs, or as I begrudgingly acknowledge them, ‘The Sirius Blacks of the Muggle World.’ All the time on the middle of the motion, drawn to pleasure like a moth to a Lumos spell. Their enjoyment of stirring the pot and difficult the established order is as irritating as Black’s fixed have to defy the foundations. They’re those you’d discover gallivanting across the faculty corridors at evening, instigating mischief and mayhem, very like the notorious Marauder himself. Their charisma may be as disarming as a well-crafted Expelliarmus, drawing others into their circle with easy ease. Nonetheless, their tendency to behave earlier than considering can lead them into perilous conditions, nearly as in the event that they get pleasure from dancing on the sting of the Whomping Willow’s attain. However keep in mind, simply as Sirius wouldn’t be the charming and rebellious Animagus with out his adventurous spirit, an ESTP wouldn’t be an ESTP with out their spontaneous and daring nature, no matter how reckless it could appear.


ISFP wizard

Ah, the ISFPs, they consider they’re so distinctive. It could be charming if it weren’t really true. All the time misplaced in their very own world, in all probability portray completely happy little timber of their minds. They’re those sitting in a nook, quietly observing and absorbing the world round them, sketching it of their minds with their very personal palette of emotions. Their kindness may be as soothing as a well-brewed Calming Draught, and their sensitivity, although admirable, may be as unpredictable as a Confundus Attraction, by no means understanding once they would possibly retreat into their shell. They possess a depth of emotion that would give the Black Lake a run for its cash, and their want for private house is as profound because the Room of Requirement’s capability. However keep in mind, simply as Bob Ross wouldn’t be the beloved artist with out his quiet resolve and mild spirit, an ISFP wouldn’t be an ISFP with out their introspective nature and deep-felt feelings, irrespective of how perplexingly pacifistic they could seem.


ESFP wizard

Ah, the ESFPs, the ‘Ron Weasley’s of the Muggle World,’ if you’ll. All the time in mischief, grinning like they’ve simply been awarded ten factors for Gryffindor. These creatures are drawn to the limelight like a Niffler to something shiny, frivolous, and totally ineffective. They’re those who’d flip a easy potions class right into a catastrophic spectacle, mistaking Boomslang Pores and skin for Glittering Fairy Wings. Their spontaneity may be as unpredictable as a room stuffed with Cornish Pixies, inflicting chaos at a second’s whim. Their capacity to benefit from the current second may rival Hagrid’s love for harmful creatures, totally oblivious to the potential disasters looming over their heads. Nonetheless, their lack of future planning may be as nerve-wracking as a mandrake’s shriek. However keep in mind, simply as Gilderoy Lockhart wouldn’t be the ‘Celebrated Writer’ with out his dramatic aptitude, an ESFP wouldn’t be an ESFP with out their vivacious enthusiasm and zest for all times, irrespective of how maddeningly vexing it may appear.


ISTJ wizard

Ah, the ISTJs, or as I deem them, ‘The Percy Weasleys of the Wizarding World.’ They’re these unbearable people who cling to guidelines and rules as in the event that they’re the one potions elements that exist. The ISTJs would get alongside splendidly with Madam Pince, for they deal with well-established techniques and precedents with the identical reverence she has for her beloved library books. Their loyalty is admirable, very like Hagrid’s devotion to harmful creatures, however simply as misguided and misplaced at instances. Their practicality is, frankly, as boring as a Historical past of Magic lecture by Professor Binns, however their effectivity? That’s as commendable as my very own potion-brewing expertise. Their incapacity to adapt to alter may be as irritating as making an attempt to get a straight reply from Sybill Trelawney. However alas, simply as Weasley wouldn’t be a prefect with out his adherence to guidelines, an ISTJ wouldn’t be an ISTJ with out their steadfast dedication to responsibility, irrespective of how inflexible or rigid it’d seem.


ISFJ wizard

Ah, the ISFJs, or as I’ve come to know them, ‘The Neville Longbottoms of the Muggle Realm.’ All the time fretting about what may go incorrect, their have to deal with others is as nauseating as a batch of poorly brewed Amortentia. They’re the kinds to be discovered bustling about within the kitchen on the Burrow, fussing over minute particulars, and making certain everyone seems to be well-fed and comfy, very like Mrs. Weasley and her brood of red-headed offspring. Sure…their sensitivity rivals that of a sensitive mandrake, reacting dramatically to perceived slights and criticisms. Their reminiscences are as correct and detailed as a pensieve, recalling each minute element with startling readability. And their capacity to stick to custom and keep order would make even probably the most devoted Hogwarts house-elf proud. However keep in mind, simply as Neville Longbottom wouldn’t be a fantastic wizard with out his timeless loyalty to his family and friends, an ISFJ wouldn’t be an ISFJ with out their unflinching devotion to responsibility and repair, irrespective of how annoying it could appear at instances.


ESTJ wizard

Ah, the ESTJs, or as I sneer at them, ‘The Hermione Grangers of the Non-Magical World.’ All the time organized, all the time ready, all the time keen to boost their palms – as if the classroom is a perpetual recreation of Gobstones they usually should win in any respect prices. They’re those who’d have their essays accomplished earlier than I’ve even assigned them, with each ‘i’ dotted and each ‘t’ crossed, very like Granger together with her ceaseless obsession for good marks. Their effectivity is as relentless as a Bludger in a Quidditch match, relentlessly pursuing their objectives with the identical tenacity that Granger reveals in proving her mental superiority. Nonetheless, their unwavering adherence to guidelines and construction may be as stifling because the density of ‘Hogwarts: A Historical past.’ However keep in mind, simply as Granger wouldn’t be the brightest witch of her age with out her relentless dedication, an ESTJ wouldn’t be an ESTJ with out their cussed dedication to order and self-discipline, irrespective of how insufferably rigid they could appear.


ESFJ wizard

Ah, the ESFJs, the ‘Molly Weasleys of the Non-Wizarding World.’ Ever the nurturing souls, fussing and fretting over everybody of their path as if they have been a herd of child Norberts needing to be continually fed. They’re those who’d have each potion ingredient categorized, labeled, and alphabetically organized, as a result of Merlin forbid ought to the lacewing flies be subsequent to the leeches. Their social nature may be as overwhelming as a room stuffed with babbling mandrakes, all the time searching for concord but creating an unholy ruckus. And their strict adherence to custom and stability may be as immovable as a goblin guarding Gringotts – simply attempt suggesting a brand new methodology of brewing the Wolfsbane potion and watch them recoil in horror. However keep in mind, simply as Molly wouldn’t be the matriarch of the Weasley household with out her suffocating care, an ESFJ wouldn’t be an ESFJ with out their devoted and steadfast nature, irrespective of how tirelessly overbearing it could appear.

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